Friday, May 28, 2010

wow.....june is comin ^_^

my special day is comin soon...
i wont expect how it is fun,special for tis year..
tis year reli hav lots of diffenrences if compared to laz year
school...form 4 reli tired..nearly cant stand with it..
family..left me one le...all others go uni...
a bit lonely
wat i happy is i can use com whenever i wan XD
enjoy my lifes! ^_^
now 3 weeks holidays... how i goin to use it, i nt sure..
hope tat i can make my decision
a RIGHT decision.
ADD OIL ^_^kambate ya

Friday, April 2, 2010

happy gud friday

zi yu say blog grow moss le...
now writing ler..

*clare...don angry la.haha.juz april fool maXDXD*

i wan to change myself.=p
thiner than chou claire king.everyday say me.
hai wo xin ling sou chuang =(

hope can enjoy tis16 years old life.
jia you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

boring dayssss

BORING..everyday watch movie..
usually cant go tansport.
gud news-ching chin bac ^^

tis saturday -a challenge for me *_*
hope gif a practical talk
after all
tis is first time la =x
i wil become evermore....nervous
remember:trust in the Lord n trust in urself :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

play badminton till 5 hours..
rest wif zi yu at the court..

^_^ thz for creating soo many =) memories
wat i can do for u guys is...
saying thz^^
tat's all =p
marudi camp....begging mum ar...
pls la... i wan go claire de lao xiang
i wan play wif u guys.
i wan go0000*.*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

today gt go a talk at imperial...
then window shoppin wif honey frens..

bt test comin soon....
bt i cant gif up wif the tv...

very fan cuz some1 everyday say zabababa zabababa..
cute meh..i don think so.
hope can thiner n thiner...cuz goin to leave
.n meet new sun??? 0.0
haha.stop heRE.

Monday, July 27, 2009

today very pia sj...
cuz sj quiz...
juz hampirhampir..........
cn get 3rd ..
-.- later go mabaker there buy durian icecream..
release n cool down.
-.- it is ok time kambate lor.
* the RM1 durian icecream reli nice o...remember try ^^

tat's all...wan Zzzzz liao,.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

^_^sukan? yiiii

tis morning Pangpang said tml noon all r compulsary
to attend the sukan gatering...
i think tml many ppl don wan go.
wo de di liu gan very smart de

i gt go .
cuz i wan escape from tuition
tis gud chance to left it..
y i don wan le...hahahahahahahaahah
today de sc..
hai ok la..
pui yikshen very "you zi"
he scold me cuz he say he changed his ans after saw my ans...
bt yet.. his one is rite...
sakai..who tell u to see my ans..^_^
zi zuo nie bu ke
stop here. working hard now for my project
n help som lazy ppl to draw bangunan-,-
nitez ^_^